jaijaguar (j+eye+jaguar) is jason gouveia. a toronto based creative who likes to think sometimes, that it was all worth it.


• inhale
• trust belief, then doubt it
• remember to forget everything
• enjoy the/this/that moment
• blink three times
• believe thoughts & somethings matter
• nothing is true, everything is permitted
• love usually comes in spurts
• tell them how much they mean to you
• yes, its a good idea
• give me the fortune, keep the fame
• over indulge in most things at least once
• regret it every time, enjoy the sting
• stop testing the theory
• write a note with any personal theory
• strategically have someone randomly find it
• dress for no one
• look everyone in the eye but not like a serial killer
• never throw a stone and hide your hand
• death before dishonour
• dream everything, every possibility, every time
• exhale

* you'll never guess what happened next

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